Eco-Friendly Furniture

It is important for every human to be responsible towards mother earth. One should consider the impact of their lifestyle on the environment. For a person who is into the business of furniture, it is a responsibility which forms the values of the company while communicating a kind of respect towards the environment. Running an eco-friendly furniture company is not an easy job, for instance, the raw materials are expensive, and sourcing them is a tedious task, while it needs to be shipped from far off distances. Making eco-friendly furniture is equally difficult considering the almost impossible tasks involved. But still, a lot of companies exist who believe in going green at least to some extent if not to the fullest.

Eco-friendly furniture at office – When you want to sell something, it is important to use it yourself which can bring in a level of confidence in your clients. The best opportunity to do so is by furnishing your own office with eco-friendly furniture which is built responsibly with renewable materials. Make sure the raw materials used have not harmed the nature and are only residues of the plants or trees. This furniture should be able to impact those people who are fed up of petroleum based furniture which has occupied office cubicles since decades. Also, you should be able to replicate the same quality of furniture if need be for your clients who get attracted to what you are showcasing.

Why eco-friendly furniture?

With people being more educated and responsible towards nature and understanding the impact of global warming on their lifestyles the demand for eco-friendly products has increased. Businesses with go green policies have achieved more success and productivity than those who do non-green business. A recent survey shows that consumers are more aligned towards nature-friendly furniture these days. Creating tailored corporate workspaces aligned with the latest interior ...

Identifying Eco-Friendly furniture

If you have decided to go green with eco-friendly furniture, then it is important to identify such furniture. While many people prefer wooden desks at office wood itself is not eco-friendly. Solid wood furniture is generally made with quality and durability but if the lumber used doesn’t promote sustainable forestry, then the company is doing more harm to nature.Instead, if the wood is sourced from Danetti contact details an environment-friendly procedure/operation and is from a far off place you may consider it eco-friendly. Asking the sales executive about the raw materials used is the simplest way to identify. You may also check the label ‘Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)’ certified. This is the authority for responsible eco-friendly products. 


To have an impact on the environment, office furniture is the best way to do it. You may consider using recycled materials to give that really unique look to your place. There are a lot of designers who have transformed offices into stunning spaces by making use of materials which would otherwise land in a landfill. Along with communicating your responsibility towards the environment, usage of recycled materials and nature sustainable material can bring some good fortune to you which can be rotated to make some eco-friendly initiatives.

Fame of going green

The trend of ‘go green’ has resulted in some best venues which are known to make an impact on many businesses. Here are three such venues in London which are eco-friendly venues for corporate events. The Lookout – Located in Central London with a modern indoor venue to accommodate up to 100 people, it has wooden terraces on the outer side, natural sculptures, eco-pond and beautiful gardens. It’s a stunning venue amidst greenery. The Ortus Learning and Event center – Located in Camberwell, it has a striking multi-award winning building spread over 1500 square feet in 7 levels. Eco-friendly infrastructure can accommodate up to 80 delegates with spectacular views of London from the top floor.

The Crystal – Known as one the world’s greenest buildings, it is located on Royal Docks and is perfect for a green business event. The state of the art auditorium can accommodate 270 delegates and has an exhibition area committed to showcasing sustainability of nature. The entire building is on solar power. These are just examples of businesses going eco-friendly for a better lifestyle. The increase in adoption of eco-friendly products has considerably increased the demand for eco-friendly furniture too.

Our Furniture

You may consider using recycled materials to give that really unique look to your place. There are a lot of designers who have transformed offices into stunning spaces by making use of materials which would otherwise land in a landfill.This is when we knew that we had a lot of green ideas and was ensured that a green business would make us unique from others. This was the founding stone for our new venture of eco-friendly furniture.